Daily Eye Candy Day 50 – Taye Diggs

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Taye Diggs - Come back to broadway!

Taye Diggs – Come back to broadway!

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I have been slacking on my blog majorly!
This is horrible because there is so much going on! 

First Derek Jeter!  A Yankee yet again!  Three years with an option for a fourth year!  This is amazing news, as a Yankee fan I didn’t want to even think about Jeter not being a Yankee next year!

Second Broadway!  So much is going on, I saw Mama Mia for the first time, I enjoyed it so much!  It was shocking to me I hadn’t seen it already!  I am seeing the Pitman Painters tonight, I am very excited about it I have heard such good things.  I am also seeing In the Heights on Saturday for the 3rd time and I can’t wait, my fourth time will be in January a few days before it closes. 
Scottsboro boys is closing this sunday, Dec 12, I’m really sad about this mostly because I think the message of the show is so important! 
Also closed already Elling, I had tickets t go the 2nd week it was open, but it closed after one week, I was so upset! 
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson has also announced it is closing in January luckily I have tickets for Dec 28th!

And last but certainly not least!  I got Engaged last week, this is part of the reason I was so behind on posting my Daily Eye Candy!  Between getting put on a new client at work, getting engaged, my birthday and the guy I am going to marry’s (I am trying out different things to call him, as I am not a fan of fiancé) birthday I have been one busy lady!

Season of Love

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If you never had the chance to see RENT on broadway I think you really missed out, but you’re in luck, it was just announced that in June RENT will be coming to New World Stages an off-broadway theater here in NYC. 

La Vie Boheme
La Vie Boheme

I think it is a little soon for it to come back to NYC, it just closed 3 years ago, but you can definitely count me in for seeing it anyway.  I love this show, I saw it on Broadway, I also own the movie.  I own the DVD of the final stage performance on Broadway, which I also saw in the movie theater.  I listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis, you get the idea.